Sherwood Sports Photography
Simply The Best
If you have a child on your team, we'll produce a portrait of you and your child. 
If you have multiple children we'll produce a composite photo of the two of them. They do not even have to be on the same team.
Each coach and Assistant coach receives a complimentary team photo with their paid package
To qualify for the FREE 11x14's, you must purchase at least our base package.
Coaches Complimentary Photographs

As a coach, you are to be commended for this outstanding committment to today's youth.

As our way of saying thanks, we have a special gift for you.  Select between a mouse pad, dog tag, or key chain as our thank you gift...especially for you, the head coach from Sherwood Sports Photography.

How do you get this gift?  Just ask us about it and tell us your choice.
Sherwood Sports Photography
Simply The Best
If You Have Multiple Teams, We'll Give You One Of These to Hang On Your Wall.
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